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How Can We Help You?

Assist with an already-written manuscript that needs refining, proofing, and publishing. Design book cover. Review your manuscript and give feedback.

Record your story/message through a Zoom interview and write it for you or provide ghostwriting services. Illustrations for kids books.

Transform your courses, training, sermons or teachings in audio or video into a book. We can also help you create an author website or author podcast

What You Need To Do

You need customised advice and a plan to succeed

That’s why we start our process with a Free Book Publishing Consultation call. It’s the best way to help you get started. Book a call to take the first step!


Refine Package

$ 1500 - 2000
  • For clients with a completed manuscript that needs a professional touch. The Refine package includes comprehensive editing to polish your work, ISBN assignment, and seamless publishing services. Additional features include an author interview, 100% royalty ownership, custom cover design, Zoom strategy sessions, book flyers, and free Kindle publishing (ebook)

Create Package

$ 3000 - 4000
  • Ideal for those who have a story to tell but need assistance in writing it. The Create package offers a complete done-for-you service where we capture your story or message through a Zoom interview, provide ghostwriting services, or transform your courses, training, sermons, or teachings into a compelling book. This package includes all the features of Refine, such as ISBN assignment, 100% royalty ownership, custom cover design, Zoom strategy sessions, book flyers, and free Kindle publishing (ebook).

Elevate Package

$ 5000+
  • The ultimate package for aspiring authors. The Elevate package includes all the benefits of our Refine and Create packages, plus a custom-designed author website. This comprehensive service ensures your manuscript is meticulously edited and published while also establishing your online presence with a professional website that showcases your work and engages your readers. Additional features include an author interview, 100% royalty ownership, custom cover design, Zoom strategy sessions, book flyers, and free Kindle publishing (ebook).

Here’s What Are Our Past Clients Are Saying

“To everyone who was part of that team, thank you so much for your work, your support, and for just rallying around this project. The success of the launch really came down to everyone who caught the vision and supported this book.”

Best Selling Author Korrie Silver (Canada) | Author of OWN YOUR DAY, OWN YOUR ROAR

“I was impressed by the speed of turnaround for getting the editing, formatting, and everything done. It was done so quickly, and the result has been so impressive with the layout. It looked really good, and the cover and everything—I’m just thrilled with it. I got my first copy, held it, and thought, “My goodness,” I didn’t really know; it was a bit overwhelming, to be honest.”

Linda Herbert (U.K) | Author of THE TURNING OF THE TIDE

“I would highly recommend Joe Benjamin and his team for any book projects. The entire process, from conceptualization to the finished product, took only about a month. It was a swift and efficient process. All you need to do is provide the content and maintain communication, ensuring everything aligns with your objectives. Joe is the go-to person for books.”

Apostle Carlton Evans Jnr (U.S.A) | Author of DELIVERANCE THERAPY COUNSELLING

“Thanks to Joe Benjamin, my book coach, for his support throughout the process of writing my first book.”


“What many people don’t know about my book is that I did not write a word, I spoke it and the Opulent Team did the rest!”

Jair Benjamin (U.K) | Author of CHILDREN’S PRAYER GUIDE

“The result is a book about part of my life story. Based on Joe’s advice and rightly so people need to hear my testimony, and a book is the best way to share it. If you’re considering writing a book, I recommend contacting Pastor Joe. He handles everything, from the cover to the content.”

Bob Saunders (U.K) | Author of MOVING MOUNTAINS GOD’S WAY

“I recommend this publishing team. When I received my first book copy, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. It’s crucial to work with the right people, those with the proper mindset and attitude, those who believe in you. I’m grateful for this team and their dedication to bringing authors’ visions to life.”

Briane King (U.K) | Author of KINGDOM FATHERHOOD & SONSHIP

“Joe Benjamin is the one editing and producing my next book! I don’t promote other people if I don’t know them! I highly recommend this to you!”


“I can’t recommend Opulent Books enough. You are patient, pleasant, and professional. It’s been a delightful experience working with you, filled with laughter and jokes. I’m eagerly anticipating our next collaboration.”

Teresa Robinson (California, U.S.A) | Author of THE KATHRYN KHULMAN ANOINTING

“I like this and I like it. Thank you very much and your team for quick delivery”

Susan Hazel  (U.S.A)| Author of BABY NURSE TIPS

“I embarked on a journey searching online for a publishing firm to bring my book idea to life. Many publishers were fixated on having a ready manuscript, but I only had a book idea. Then, I found you on Facebook. With your assistance, we brought my vision to life in less than two months. I will do my second book with you!”


“Once introduced to Joe Benjamin, he allowed me to flourish as both an author and an entrepreneur, constantly challenging me to aim higher. If you’re contemplating writing a book or getting one published, don’t hesitate to connect with Opulent Books. They’re the best in the business.”

Romanah Buchanan (U.K) | Author of LEAP OF FAITH

“Thank you, Opulent Books team, for a job exceptionally done. I initially approached several publishers, but the experiences were less than satisfactory. The charges were high, the services were subpar, and the entire process was off-putting. You and your team have a business, but you’re not solely driven by profit. Your passion is evident in your desire to help everyone get their message out there. Thanks for helping me publish my first book!”


“Joe and Opulent Team, thank you so much for your persistence. There were many times when I had almost given up or placed this project on the back burner. I believe you are aware of my journey, especially over the past few months, which have been challenging. I didn’t realize a publisher’s role could be so dedicated and supportive. I highly recommend your services. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Jean Bryan (U.K) | Author of THIS IS MY STORY, THIS IS MY SONG

“Thank you, Lord Jesus; without You, this would not have been possible. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Joe Benjamin, my publisher, and his team. Without their generous assistance, this book could not have been written. Their shared knowledge and expertise made this possible. So once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, and may God bless you richly.”

Minister Michael Gardner (U.K) | Author of MY STOLEN INNOCENCE

“Working with Mr. Joe Benjamin, my publisher, and the team at Opulent Books has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication have made our collaboration smooth and rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such skilled and supportive individuals.”

Michelle Grant (Jamaica) | Author of MY JOURNEY FOR GOD’S GLORY

“Joe and his team do a great job helping you because many people have the idea to write but don’t know what to do or how to put it together. It’s important to find people who know how to pull everything together and assist you. You don’t have to do this alone. You’re better together than you are alone. My book is better because I had Dr. Joe and his team involved, along with my wife. It’s a collaborative effort, and many people have worked on this project. It’s unbelievable.”

Bishop Greg Gill (Canada) | Author of MUCH MORE

“Joe is the kind of publisher who will pray for you before starting the project or if you are stuck on a book title. Thank you so much, Joe. I could not have achieved this without you.”

Carol Scafe (U.K) | Author of PURPOSE IN THE PAIN

“I recommend everyone who wants to write a book to choose Joe and his team. Joe, You are not only a book publisher, not only an editor, you are a man of God and a prophet, which I have come to know deeply during this book journey. You are really a good pastor and leader. You are so anointed and gifted. Whenever I couldn’t write, we would have a conversation, and you would write it and then send it back to me. Therefore, I am so pleased and satisfied.”


PastorHuai Man Cing (U.K) | Author of FAITH UNVEILED

“Dear Joe, I am so grateful for your help, encouragement, and wise words. Thank God for directing me to you! May God continue to bless you and your lovely family in all that you do. I will gift you this book from Amazon.”

Iona Anderson (U.K) | Author of PRAYED OUT


“Your expertise with your publishing team is commendable. The journey to creating my book was seamless, and you connected me with an illustrator who truly understood my vision. The characters we chose were fantastic. I can’t believe it’s done, and I’d urge anyone contemplating writing a book to get in touch with Joe.”

Adunni Faloye (U.K) | Author of FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT

“Oh my God, it’s just easy, like drinking water, honestly. When you say stress-free, Opulent is stress-free. When you work with people who know what they’re doing, it’s easy. When you work with people who have your best interests at heart, it’s easy. So, my experience with Joe and Opulent Books has been amazing, honestly. I had no stress. Thank you. This is my opportunity to say thank you again. Thank you so much. I didn’t expect, like I said earlier, to be here today, but I thank God for making everything so beautiful in His time.”

Coach Isabella Shedrack (U.K)| Author of MIND OVER MATTER

“Go with Joe Benjamin and his team. They’re brilliant. They work with you from the start to the very end. If you need support, they’re always there for you. When you’re stuck on anything, they will support and help you. That’s what drew me to them; God drew me to them because they are spot on. I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you because my book’s there, it’s living proof. That’s right. So, I thank Joe very much and his team for the hard work, input, and tireless times. I’ve been bugging him, and he was so patient.”


“To my dedicated publisher book coach, who patiently guided me through the ups and downs of writing, your expertise and encouragement were invaluable.”

Gwendoline Teal (U.S.A) | Author of PRAY, FORGIVE & REPEAT

“To my book coach and publisher, Pastor Joe Benjamin and his dedicated team – your professionalism, patience, and guidance have been nothing short of divine. You were truly God sent.”

Ntombi ZweZwe-Baartman (South Africa) | Author of SOUTH AFRICAN HOME RECIPIES TO THE WORLD

“Meeting my publisher online was a miracle. I had never heard of his name before, and something was urging me to connect with him. So, I did, and I found myself in his first class, listening to him, even though money was tight at that time. I said, “Lord, I will obey you because it’s something you said, and I’m going to do it.” That’s how I connected with Joe, and Joe has been very, very helpful and patient with me.”

Minister Comfort Ekundayo (U.K)| Author of THE MISSED MISSION

“I went through the book with my 8 year old son and he loved it!”

Kene Okeokocha (U.S.A) | Author of ADVENTURES OF SUPERDOG

You need customized advice and a plan to succeed

That’s why we start our process with a Free Book Publishing Consultation call. It’s the best way to help you get started. Book a call to take the first step!